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11/15/2016: The ABCs of Dealing with Death | Lynn Shiner | TEDxHarrisburg

10:00 am to 2:00 pm: 2016 Speaker for TedX Harrisburg at the Midtown Cinema

09/18/2016: 9:15 am to early afternoon: Forum discussion at St. James Lutheran Church, Gettysburg PA

06/26/2015: Lynn Shiner gave a presentation to the Victims Resource Center Luncheon.

06/22/2015: Lynn Shiner joined WILK's Sue Henry with a preview of her presentation she will give Friday at the Victims Resource Center Luncheon.

05/20/2015: Simpson Mechanicsburg Library (Lower Level) - Book Discussion/Signing

03/29/2015: Hershey Public Library Crime Victim's Awareness Panel Discussion - Book Signing

12/21/2014: Pittsburgh Post Gazette Op/Ed by Lynn Shiner. Subject: Abused to death

: The Authors Zone (TAZ) 2014 Award have announced that Stabbed in the Heart has won 3rd place in the category of Memoirs.

: DV Awareness Month at Shippensburg University

Q & A with Lynn and Nancy

News Release:

November 25, 2013

Stabbed in the Heart: New book tells the stories of three murdered Central Pennsylvania children and two resilient mothers

HARRISBURG --- For months they made news: Two suburban mothers whose only children were violently snatched away.

Lynn Shiner's family dominated the news beginning on Christmas day in 1994 when her ex-husband murdered Jen and Dave, her two young children.

Nancy Chavez returned from a cruise in 2003 to learn that her only daughter, Randi, had been stabbed to death in her garage. Months later she would learn that the murderer had been hired by her daughter's husband.

While the public wondered why, the two mothers were left with an all-encompassing sense of grief. How would they go on? Why should they go on? How would their lives play out without their children?

In their new book, Stabbed in the Heart, Lynn Shiner and Nancy Chavez discuss the days, months and years that followed these horrific crimes. Readers walk with them as they bury their children and observe them as they wallow in depression almost too deep to imagine.

Their stories are heartfelt, powerful and, at times, difficult to read. Yet somehow, from the depths of their despair, they uncovered the focus, drive, and commitment to helping others that is their gift back to their children.

Lynn Shiner turned her efforts toward other victims. Today she is the Director of the Office of Victims' Services with the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency. In 2004, she was presented with the National Crime Victim Service Award by Attorney General John Ashcroft.

Nancy Chavez, also a long-time employee of the state of Pennsylvania, channels her efforts toward her dream of building Randi's House of Angels, a healing place for children who are exposed to and/or are victims of domestic violence. Randi's House of Angels, established in October 2011, currently works in conjunction with
domestic violence service providers in five counties of Pennsylvania.

The message the two women share in their book is geared towards victims, survivors, media, clergy, family, friends and the community. Through the power of their stories, readers will understand the impact of crime, the stages of grief, the struggles they endured on their unique journeys, and the importance of families and friends. Be prepared to walk away feeling inspired.

Stabbed in the Heart was written in conjunction with Nancy Eshelman, a long-time journalist and author of a weekly column that appears in The Harrisburg Patriot-News. She completed the project with a heightened sense of respect and admiration for the two women she had known only casually before they began their project.

In the book, Eshelman wrote, "If these two women were able to climb out of the depths of depression that followed their loss, then the rest of us can survive anything."

100% of the profits will be donated to non-profit organizations.

The authors are available for public appearances and interviews.

Stabbed in the Heart, is available at RJDblessings.com.